Interesting Facts to Know About New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in the Union, comprising a heavily urbanized area as well as a rural area with a mixed landscape.

The Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern areas of the United States are home to the state of New Jersey. The state of New York borders it on the north and east; the Atlantic Ocean on the east, southeast, and south; the Delaware River and Pennsylvania on the west; and Delaware Bay and the state of Delaware on the southwest.

New Jersey has a land area of 7,354 square miles, making it the fifth-smallest state. However, the state is first in population density and ranked 11th in population with little under 9.3 million citizens.

Trenton is the state’s capital, and its largest city is Newark. All 21 counties in the state, except for Warren County, are located inside the combined statistical areas of Philadelphia or New York City. The New York metropolitan region includes the most extensive metropolitan area in the state.

New Jersey History

Before European settlers landed in New Jersey in the early 17th century, Native Americans had lived there for at least 2,800 years, with the Lenape being the most numerous tribe. Colonists established the state’s initial European colonies in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Later, the British took over the area and created the Province of New Jersey, bearing the name of the biggest of the Channel Islands, Jersey. The colony attracted a sizable and diversified population because of its lush grounds and general religious toleration.

During the American Revolutionary War, New Jersey, one of the Thirteen Colonies that rebelled against Great Britain, was home to several crucial engagements and military operations. The state remained a part of the Union throughout the American Civil War, and afterward, it developed into a significant manufacturing and immigration hub.

It also played a significant role in the country’s Industrial Revolution and hosted numerous commercial and technological innovations well into the middle of the 20th century.

New Jersey nightlife

Although Atlantic City, with its boardwalks, nightlife, and casino culture, is a significant draw, New Jersey is known as the Garden State. However, Atlantic City is more like Vegas’s “little sister” than Vegas is on par with Vegas.

You can get your dose of gambling, live entertainment, food, and nightlife here, where the first boardwalk in the world opened in 1870. You’ll spend hours getting lost in the brilliant lights of the casino games!

Tropicana Casino and Resort is a fantastic waterfront casino hotel located on the Atlantic City boardwalk, close to many retail stores and entertainment options. This is one of the greatest all-rounders since it offers dining establishments, entertainment, gambling, vibrant nightlife, and luxurious lodging.

Even if you’re not lodging or spending money at the tables, they organize frequent martial arts contests, have weekly comedy events, and have a lively nightclub. The ROC event in Atlantic City has delivered over 130 competitors to the UFC.

Cliffside Park

One of the nicest areas to reside in New Jersey is Cliffside Park, located in Bergen County. Over Twenty-five thousand people live in the New York City suburb of Cliffside Park.

Most people in Cliffside Park are house owners, giving the neighborhood a dense urban vibe. Several pubs, eateries, coffee shops, and physical therapy centers at Cliffside Park boost the area’s tourism and GDP. This is one of the best healthcare settings on the East Coast for New Jersey residents and visitors.

New Jersey Beaches

New Jersey, located on the Atlantic Ocean, offers 130 miles of coastline and several beach villages. However, make sure the beach you choose is free before going there.

The beaches in this area vary from kid-friendly to luxurious resort-style, from those with a significant music scene to others where you can get away from the people. There is something there to suit every mood.

Ashbury Park is an excellent option for those with a vibrant musical culture, while Sandy Hook is a beach managed by the National Parks, where people can ride kayaks and observe birds.

Although Cape May, a historic coastal town that seems like stepping back in time, is many people’s particular favorite, Bradley Beach is a paid beach that is immaculate and extremely low-key. 

The Best Parks & Nature Attractions in London

Greenery abounds throughout London. There is about the same amount of green space, garden, park, and field for every building, street, pavement, concrete block, and brick wall.

There would be a tree for each of the 8.4 million people living in London if they chose to embrace a tree independently. On average, every fifth step you take while walking in London will find you under a tree. In fact, according to one UN metric, the capital city is so heavily forested that it qualifies as a forest. Here are a few of London’s top parks to explore.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is an excellent option if you’re searching for a lovely park in the heart of London. They are somewhat unique since they were previously the gardens of Kensington Palace, which are still visible in the center of the park.

The gardens span more than 270 acres, and the pathways lead you through various fascinating plant and animal species.

There is significant competition between the two parks, although they were formerly the westernmost section of Hyde Park. But in silence, they’re both rather lovely.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is the oldest enclosed Royal Park located on a hilltop. The park, which served as Henry VIII’s hunting area in the past, still preserves a sizable 183-acre grassland perimeter as an urban refuge for deer, foxes, and more than 70 bird species.

The deceased Queen’s House, the National Maritime Museum, six tennis courts, and one of the most significant green areas in southeast London, Greenwich Park, provides a variety of amenities and sites of interest.

The majestic Royal Observatory and the Greenwich Meridian Line, which represents the prime meridian used to determine the global time (the distance to every place on Earth is also measured), are located in Greenwich Park.

Richmond Park

Since Charles I fenced it in 1637, red and fallow deer have been munching this unique grassland environment into existence. It is the most significant natural reserve in London, and it is crowned with a protected vista that draws a line through old oaks to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is 10 miles away.

Few sites in London seem as vast and wild as this area, away from the traffic and cycling paths (excellent for a ride). The Isabella Plantation is a large forest garden filled with blooming azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons that look their best in mid-spring. The landscaping isn’t entirely left to the animals.

Holland Park

You’ll like Holland Park if you enjoy flowers, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? There are several lovely gardens inside of it.

Dahlias were famously initially grown at the park and still flourish there today. The superb Japanese Kyoto Garden is another beautiful place to visit if you want to relax and find some serenity.

You may attend outdoor theater performances and music throughout the summer. Don’t forget to visit the New Design Museum, one of London’s hipper museums located on the park’s corner.

The Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park may not be the biggest in London. Still, it is undoubtedly the most varied, with various gardens, animals, ponds, sports and entertainment venues, and several playgrounds.

It lies near the Marylebone district, just beyond the well-known Baker Street, and is accessible through several subway stations. The zoo and The Hub activity area are located in the park’s northern half, while The Inner Circle is in the south.

The Broad Walk, which begins on the park’s southern boundary along the Outer Circle, is a great route to access the area. Avenue Gardens, a gorgeous and perfectly maintained garden with seasonal attractive flowers and foliage, as well as multiple fountains, is located on each side of the broad walkway.

The Griffin Taza, often referred to as the Lion Vase, is its focal point. It is a stone bowl carried by lions with wings.

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

There are several attractions and activities to do all year long in Southern California’s massive metropolis of Los Angeles. It has a long history of being well-known abroad in the film and entertainment industries, especially in Hollywood, which has attracted aspiring actors and actresses worldwide for more than a century.

Today, LA is known as the creative hub of America and is a metropolis with a diversified cultural population. California’s most incredible things include the vibrant culinary scene, fantastic shopping, excellent museums, and enjoyable family activities. Luggage usually contains shorts and T-shirts for every trip due to the year-round mild to hot temperature and plentiful sunlight.

Visitors traveling to the area to enjoy the beaches and warm weather will have enough to do and intriguing spots to explore. Getting around and taking in the sights has never been simpler, thanks to recent improvements to the public transit system and the arrival of a Metro Bike Share in downtown Los Angeles.

Universal Studios

The mind-blowing coasters at Universal Studios Theme Park, both a functional movie studio and a popular attraction for visitors, are inspired by blockbuster movies.

The constantly changing rides, including anything from roller coasters to simulators, are among the main attractions for many thrill-seekers. When you’ve had your fill of thrills, go to CityWalk, a three-block entertainment complex featuring shops, restaurants, and theaters.

Venice Beach

A marshy section of beachfront south of Santa Monica was transformed into the “Venice of America” by tobacco tycoon Abbot Kinney. In 1904, Kinney built a Venetian-style arcade on the beach and transformed a network of drainage pipes into picturesque waterways.

The world-famous boardwalk along the beach, where quirky street performers contend with stores, stalls, and food stands for attention, is where most tourists go in Los Angeles, even though the canals continue to be one of the city’s top tourist attractions. The beach’s body-building Muscle Beach section, skating plaza, and volleyball courts are popular attractions.


Disneyland was the first of Walt Disney’s franchise of theme parks, and it is situated in Orange County, about an hour’s drive from Downtown Los Angeles. Since 1955, it has been the top tourist destination in Anaheim. The relatively new California Adventure, with rides and attractions inspired by the Golden State, is located next to the older park.

Visitors who purchase “park hopper” tickets get access to both parks. The beautifully maintained theme parks are divided into Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, HollywoodLand, and Cars Land, among other themed locales.

Children may have once-in-a-lifetime meetings with their favorite Disney characters thanks to costumed entertainers who walk through the parks.

Griffith Observatories

The Griffith Observatory’s view is breathtaking, especially at night when the whole of Los Angeles is illuminated. There are many displays within this hilltop monument, including a Foucault pendulum, a Tesla coil, and a planetarium performance.

Give yourself plenty of time to queue up and look through the 12-inch refracting telescope on the roof before it closes at 10 p.m. Don’t worry. However, there is a much less congested modern reflecting telescope on the front lawn that you may use instead.

Walk of Fame

It would be a regret to spend time in Los Angeles without seeing the Walk of Fame, as the city is home to some of the greatest celebrities on Earth.

The most often used shooting site in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The palm-lined roadway of Hollywood Boulevard may be familiar to you. It is among the most well-liked destinations in Los Angeles.

At Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is situated on both sides of the road. In 1958, the first stars were placed. In the history of American entertainment, this era was particularly outstanding.

Zuma Beach

Malibu is known for its celebrity residents and natural beauty, although all of the town’s beaches are open to the public and are free to use.

Look no farther than this city area if you’re looking for a beach in Los Angeles where you can swim and sunbathe. Compared to Venice Beach or Santa Monica, this 1.8-mile beach is cleaner.

Zuma Beach in Malibu is regarded as one of the best beaches in the Los Angeles region. Locals and visitors praise Zuma for its great surf, plenty of parking, and accessibility to beachfront food. Additionally, there are several lifeguard stands and restrooms.

 Travel Destinations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful city with a lot of beautiful travel destinations. There are so many beautiful places to visit here in Hong Kong, and it can be difficult to know where to start. In this blog post, we will explore some beautiful places you should definitely see while you’re visiting Hong Kong!

Star Ferry – There are beautiful views of Victoria Harbour from both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Victoria Peak – This is a great way to see some beautiful nature in Hong Kong. It provides a view over all of Central, giving you an amazing perspective on one of the most famous skylines in the world. While it’s best at night, this is definitely worth seeing during any time of day! 

Avenue of Stars – Ride the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour between Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Central Piers . This is not only one of our favourite things to do when we want an awesome view

Hong Kong Park – This beautiful park offers a collection of gardens, greenhouses, playgrounds, and museums to explore. There is something for everyone here! 

Ocean Park – Ocean Park offers several attractions for all ages including roller coasters, animal shows, an aquarium with more than 3500 marine animals ,and many other fun activities. If you’re looking to have some family time or just want to chill out on the weekend then this should be at the top of your list when visiting Hong Kong! 

Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue) – The beautiful Buddha statue on Lantau Island is one of the most popular travel destinations in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland – This beautiful theme park offers many fun activities for all ages! 

Lugard Road Sign Post Lane – The beautiful lane includes interesting street art and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s great to explore if you’re looking for something different than your average tourist attraction, but still want some beautiful nature views! 

Tin Hau Temple – This beautiful temple features both indoor and outdoor spaces along with multiple shrines dedicated to Tin Hau (goddess of sea). There are also several gift stores where you can buy amulets, charms, Buddhist prayer beads ,and other religious items that will bring good luck or help you in your everyday life. 

Hong Kong International Airport – This beautiful building is one of the most beautiful airports in the world! It is located on Lantau Island, giving passengers beautiful views during landing and takeoff . Make sure to explore this beautiful landmark while you’re visiting Hong Kong! 

Lan Kwai Fong – If you are looking for some fun nightlife then Lan Kwai Fong should definitely be at the top of your list when it comes to places to visit in Hong Kong. There are plenty of great bars, restaurants, and dance clubs that will help make any evening a memorable one. 

Wong Tai Sin Temple – This beautiful temple was built for worshipping Wong Tai Sin, a Taoist god. It is located in Kowloon and features beautiful architecture with several shrines to explore. 

Hong Kong Wetland Park – This beautiful park offers many great activities including birdwatching ,hiking trails, fishing spots ,and views of the wetlands . If you’re looking for somewhere quiet but still want to be outside then this should definitely make your list when visiting Hong Kong!